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Newsletter February 25th
Plot Inspection
As you probably know, the Plotholders Committee has set up a Plot Maintenance Sub-Committee.
The purpose of this is to carry out regular inspections of the plots in order to see if they are being adequately maintained/cultivated.

This has become necessary because a number of plots have not been maintained properly over, in some cases, a period of years. This is particularly annoying to their neighbours who have to put up with weeds spreading between plots and the nuisance of seeds propagating via the wind. In addition it has been observed that a number of shared paths have not been kept in a good condition, with the corresponding health and safety concerns.

The sub-committee are carrying out regular inspections. They are looking for signs that cultivation is ongoing and that previously identified problems are being addressed. The next inspection of all plots will take place towards the end of March.

I know that some people will be worried that they may risk losing their plots if they don't meet the required standards.
The majority of plots are well cultivated and looked after. We understand that there will always be work to do on your plot - that's part of the pleasure and satisfaction of having an allotment.

If you do have any concerns, please contact a committee member and discuss the situation. This is particularly important if you have difficulties with health or other issues.
Another option is to consider plot size reduction. If you are finding you are having trouble finding the time (or energy) to look after your existing area, please consider the idea of down-sizing to a small or mini plot. Please note that we currently have a 3 or 4 year waiting list for a plot at Hill.

Finally, you may well ask "what will the inspectors be looking for?" . You can find out from the Gardener's Guidelines.

We had a delivery of seed potatoes, compost and growbags on Friday. Unfortunately there were no 1st earlies e.g. Casablanca. If you wish to buy anything please contact a committee member.
That's all for now.