Companion planting 15/2/24
Whilst we are thinking about our layout for the coming year here are some ideas from the D.T. Brown brochure. If you have any other ideas let me know.

Let’s start with the basics – what is companion planting?
Companion planting is an organic method of maintaining a natural balance in the garden by growing plants together that are mutually beneficial. When planted together, certain plant combinations can aid pollination, prevent disease and keep pest numbers down. This is due to the scent of the plants causing pests great confusion.

Spring onions, leeks and chives are perfect planted or interplanted with carrots to deter the scent of carrots, therefore being a natural repellent against carrot fly.

When basil and tomatoes are grown together, you’ll be rewarded with stronger and healthier tomato plants, as the basil scent deters mosquitos & flies.

Nasturtiums are a sacrificial plant that attracts slugs & blackflies, keeping them away from other flowers and vegetables. Planted next to brassicas is ideal, as these are extra tasty to slugs!