HELD ON 16th MAY 2023
The meeting was opened at 20.02. The Chair welcomed everyone and thanked them for giving up their time. It was heartening to see such a good turn out.

Apologies were received from: Nick Sakwa, Eric Rankin, Eileen/Dennis Roberts, Hazel Robinson, Angela Atkins, Grainger James, Howard Drake. A register of attendees had been taken.

Carried unanimously.

There were no matters arising.
The chairman thanked his committee members who have helped him over the last twelve months. Particular thanks to Allan, Mike, Paul, John and Judith.
Thanks to all the plotters who help with tidying the site.
Also thanks to the Social club for the use of the facilities.
The chairman had received reports that the bottom gate had been left open. Both gates should be locked at all times if the club not open.
The chairman thanked those who took part in the shows and thought the produce was outstanding, especially considering the high temperatures we had.
It was a proud moment when Hill Allotments won the Best in Birmingham trophy, plus Best Newcomer and Best Site in the city.
Monthly plot inspections continue but if any issues arise report it to a committee member.
Full report on request.
All plots are taken and we welcome two new members here tonight. We still have a long waiting list.
Store shed is well stocked. Peat free compost is still an issue, trying to find the most suitable. Prices have increased but we continue to make only a small profit.
Thanks to the members who take turns to man the store shed.
When using weedkiller please use with great care and not in windy weather to prevent it blowing on to other plots, Also slug pellets should be used sparingly so as not to contaminate the soil.
Full report on request.
Questions from the floor; more of the blue water butts for individual plots are required.
A concern was raised about keeping paths clear between plots including unruly raspberry canes. Always contact a member of committee with these concerns.
Copies of the accounts were circulated at the meeting.
Full report on request.
The show secretary reported on the amount of entries in each of the two shows and how good the produce was in spite of the weather.
He reminded us that once an item has been entered for one show it cannot be entered into the other.
He mentioned the sad death of Mick Morrel who had been our judge for many years.
The hanging basket competition has been withdrawn due to the need of constant watering over the hot summer months.
Scarecrow competition remains plus front of plot.
A reminder was given for the plant sale this coming Sunday and the need for donations of plants to sell.
Full report on request.
Questions from the floor; Is there a theme for the scarecrow competition? Answer not this year.
Why the withdrawal of hanging basket competition? Hanging baskets make the site look attractive but if not watered continually the attractiveness is lost. Maybe smaller baskets could be put up in the week the judges are due to arrive.
Margie gave thanks to the plot holders who donated flowering plants for her border outside the club house.
Are we buying in plants to sell at the plant sale? Only donations will be on sale.
Advice given to save water by fixing guttering and water barrels to sheds.
Pallets are available for making compost bunkers.
A plea to keep empty manure bags tucked inside each other to stop them being blown on to plots.
The moss on the driveway is a continual problem and is being continually dealt with.
The chairman was pleased to report that no accidents had been recorded on site this year, and reminded people that if an accident takes place it must be reported to a committee member who will fill in the appropriate forms.
No members up for election.
12. A.O.B
Comments from the floor.
Will we notice a difference when Sutton council take over? We should not notice a change until a couple of years later when more money will be available to the allotment. The change over should be a positive thing.
A question was raised as to why the Social club members and plot holders are not on a more friendly footing. The club is a very important resource for us. We hold our committee meetings, shows and pot luck supper here. The Social club members think we should spend more time and money in the club.
Reasons why this does not happen; Plotters are working on their plots at irregular times and do not have the time to visit the club and are not dressed appropriately after weeding and spreading manure.
Not sure of opening times and what’s on. The website has all these details. There is a link from our website to theirs. The club has many music nights and is very well attended. Live At The Hill is very popular.
Some members have not felt comfortable or welcome on their previous visits.
In general, people have got out of the habit of going out for a drink and so do not consider a visit to the club in the evenings.
Lack of communication as to whether you can visit the club if you are not a member. Non members can purchase from the bar and sign in the book beside the entrance. Tea and coffee are always available to buy. Membership costs £15 per year.
Paul will take these comments back to the Social Committee

The next AGM will be held on ……….

The meeting closed at 21.28.