Annual Shows 2024

* Please note that these dates are provisional and await confirmation from the Social Club


These events are great social opportunities to meet your fellow plotholders and as partners, family members and friends are all welcome its the ideal time to show them what you do when “up on the plot”. All members are encouraged to take part, don’t be put off by any thoughts that what you’ve grown/baked won’t be good enough. If you’ve visited other similar events, looked at the entries and felt that you will never grow anything as good, remember that most of those on display have been grown using specialist seed or plant varieties bred over many years with the sole aim of winning prizes. At Hill we have a somewhat different approach, we show what we grow not grow to show.

The schedules are issued early in the year on this website. This year we hope to arrange a Saturday morning get together sometime during June or early July to provide an opportunity for you to discuss any queries you may have with other plotholders or committee members. A few weeks prior to the shows look at what you’ve got growing, what will be ready for the shows and give some thought to what you could enter. If you’re unsure have a word with your neighbouring plotholders or a committee member. Assuming they’re not going to enter something similar you should get an unbiased opinion! Our website gives a guide as to what the Judge will look for when making a decision and how best to present your entry.

Completed entry forms and the appropriate fees are taken on the Saturday prior to the event, in the Social Club between 12.00 and 1.00pm. On the day of the event the Social Club is open from 10.00am for you to stage your exhibits and you have until 1.45pm to do so. Your entry card(s) will be available to collect from just inside the club entrance. Please read the show requirements to ensure you enter the correct class, have the correct number of items to display etc. The areas for each class are clearly marked, set out your entry with your card placed name side down. If there is insufficient space for your entry please contact the Show Secretary, do not attempt to rearrange other entries.

So there you have it, you’ve selected your entries, read the “ small print”, put them out on display, all there is to do now is wait, have a drink or several if you’re so inclined and at 4.00pm or thereabouts after the Judge has finished go and see what has been placed 1st ,2nd or 3rd . Some awards you will agree with, particularly if they are yours, others perhaps not, but whatever the outcome you can obtain a good idea for the following year as to what may win then and hopefully have had an enjoyable afternoon out. Prize money is awarded at the end of the event, some classes also have a winners trophy and these together with a commemorative certificate are presented at the Awards Evening/ Potluck Supper Night held in the Social Club later in the year.

John Mills, Show Secretary

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