Plotholder's Newsletter
November 19th 2019

Committee meeting
Last night we held our final committee meeting of the year.
Among other things we discussed the need to install solar powered lighting in the storeshed. We also discussed internet banking procedures and it was agreed that the constitution document needed updating.
Every month, minutes of these meetings are produced and circulated. If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the circulation list please let me know.

Manure bags
As you know we have large quantites of stable manure delivered to the site in plastic bags. All plotters are invited to make use of this facility.
However, I would like to remind everyone of the importance of securing any bags that you empty. Please ensure that any empty bags are placed inside other bags when you have finished with them (you can get 20 or so bags inside another).
This stops them blowing away, keeps the site looking tidy and assists the people from the stables. If you leave them lying about this is inconsiderate towards your fellow plotters.

Leaf mould compost
Last year's leaf mould compost has broken down quite well. This stuff is ideal as a top dressing/mulch. If you want some please help yourself. A word of warning, "Bindweed". This has found a home in the top bunker. Please make sure you remove any roots/runners you spot and put them in the plastic bag provided.

Tidy up
On Sunday morning at 10.30am we are having a mini tidy-up (weather permitting). We will be emptying and cleaning the window boxes, emptying the plant tubs and salvaging the fuchsias, begonias etc, and clearing the weeds around the greenhouse area. If you can spare half an hour or so this will be appreciated.

Social Club agm
The Social Club will be holding their agm on Thursday week (28th November). Allan will be presenting his report to the club members on our behalf. If you are a Social Club member you should attend.

Year planner and competitions diary
It's the time of the year when we get started on next year's diary/calendar. Do you have any thoughts on the timing of the various events?
e.g. should the Annual Show be brought forward or held later? If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I think that's all for now.

Regards to all