Plotholder's Newsletter

June 19th 2018

Committee meeting

We held our regular committee meeting last night and a number of important items were discussed.
1. Storeshed opening. As there are very few customers at this time of year it was decided to suspend the regular Saturday & Sunday opening until next spring.
If you wish to buy anything at any time please contact a committee member (look for the red flag).

2. The padlock on the top gate has been replaced as it was getting very worn and sometimes reluctant to open. The new one is a bit stiff at present but should loosen with a bit of wear.

3. Our entries to the BDAC competitions for Best Plot (Eileen & Dennis and Martin Yates) and for the Best Newcomer (Richard Harrison & Judy Carter-Bown) will be sent off shortly.

4. The Best Site judging will now not take place until sometime in early July. We have therefore decided to extend the entry period for Hanging Baskets and Scarecrows until June 30th.
If you do enter these competitions please make sure your name is on the list in the storeshed.

5. We also discussed slug/snail prevention. It was suggested that Iron Phosphate pellets are better for wild-life than the standard blue metaldehyde based ones. However there does seem to be some doubt about how safe this material is.
Do you have any recommendations for slug/snail damage prevention?

These items, plus many others, are recorded in the committee minutes. If you wish to receive a copy (electronic) of the minutes, please let me know. (People who already get the minutes don't need to contact me).

Site tidy up. This will take place on June 24th from 10.30am. If you are able to attend you will be very welcome.