Plotholder's Newsletter

March 20th 2018

There are still a few left if you discover a small area free. There's nothing like early, home grown potatoes.

Bird boxes
I'm pleased to report that a total of 6 bird boxes have been donated by various members and most of them have been errected around the site.

The potato competition has kicked off with 13 entrants so far. The sunflower seeds are now available. The show plant will be available in the next few weeks. This year's fuchsia is Pink Fantasia.

As you will recall, the pumpkin competition has been stopped due to lack of interest. It is important to note that the remaining competitions will only continue if a reasonable number of people take part.

This year we are introducing a largest sunflower head competition which will run alongside the tallest sunflower contest.
The entry fee for the potato and sunflower competitions remains at 50p. There is no prize money. The entry fee goes towards the cost of the potatoes/seeds & engraving the trophies.
John Mills has drawn up a competition information sheet which I have attached to the competitions page.

The recipes for this years cakes (classes 63 & 65) can be downloaded via the Show Schedule

I've been asked to remind everyone that the upkeep and maintenance of the pathways betyween plots is the responsibility of the plotholders concerned.
In some cases the plots on either site of a pathway are at different levels. It is important that the plotter on the lower side does not damage the integrity/stability of the pathway. If possible drag some soil up to the path to help stabilise it.

Bonfires are allowed this month. If you do have one please ensure that your smoke does not annoy anyone and do not leave a fire unattended.

Shed Opening
Regular Saturday/Sunday shed opening has now commenced. If you want anything outside these times please contact a committee member.

Pant Sale Weekend.
The plant sales has been very successful over the 3 years or so that it has been running. This has only come about due to hard work by Committee members (especially John) and the support of everyone who has purchased plants. However, we are aware that in many cases e.g. bedding plants, we are not particularly cost effective, as plants are on sale at very competitive prices at Sainsburys for instance. The Committee has decided therefore that bedding plants wil not be on sale from this year. We will continue, with your support, in the sale of spare plants. In addition we intend to repeat the Dahlia cuttings sale which was so effective last year.

Important Changes.

Having run the storeshed for about 15 years I have decided that it's time someone else had a go. At last night's Committee Meeting I informed the Committee that I would be relinquishing my store shed responsibilities at the end of March.
At this moment we don't know what is going to happen. Hopefully, some brave soul will step forward and take on the job. If no-one volunteers I don't know what the future holds.
I would like to end by thanking everyone who has supported me over the years and hope that the situation can be resolved shortly.

If you have any comments on this or any other issues please contact me in the usual way.