Plotholder's Newsletter
July 22nd 2019

BDAC Competitions
Each year we enter various competitions organised by the BDAC (Birmingham & District Allotments Confederation).

2019 Details & results
Thorpe Trophy for the Best Managed site in Birmingham - Hill retained the trophy (as previously announced).

Cliff Jones Memorial Trophy for the best plot
2nd place with 224.5 points - Eileen Roberts (plot 46)
8th place with 201 points - Anne Linnecor (plot 35C)

Florence Pickering Memorial Trophy for new plotholders
8th place with 197.5 points - Geoff Cross (plot 15A)
12th place with 182.5 points - Jo Bartlett-Wild (plot 41A).

Congratulations to everyone - don't forget these competitions are for all the sites and plots in Birmingham.

Hill Allotment Competition Results
We do our own plot judging each year. We have some additional categories to the BDAC competitions.

Best Full Plot
1st Eileen Roberts - plot 46
Runner up Sharon Griffiths - plot 47

Best Small/Half Plot
1st Anne Linnecor - plot 35C
Runner up Geoff Cross - plot 15A
Highly Commended Peter Lane - plot 1B. Awarded for the environmental and wild life aspect of his plot.

Best Mini pPlot
1st John McErlean - plot 27B
Runner up Jo Bartlett-Wild - plot 41A

Most Improved Plot
Zena Zein Elabdin - plot 21B

Once again, congratulations to everyone.

These results are listed in the Trophy Winners page.