Plotholder's Newsletter
November 22nd 2020

Monthly Reports
The months rush round - shortest day in 4 weeks!!!! The committee officers have been busy (sort of) during this quiet part of the year and have all submitted their monthly reports to keep everyone in touch.

Chairman’s report November 2020
We’ve now reached a very quiet time of the year and I have nothing to report.
Following a tour of the site I have nothing to report regarding health and safety
It had been suggested that the relevant officers should make a report next month. Having spoken to various members of the committee this morning it was felt due to the time of year and being very quiet a report would not be necessary. I’m suggesting that because nothing much is happening and the current restrictions continue I am proposing the next report should be made in February. Your thoughts on this are welcome. Should anything occur the committee are contactable by email or phone (where relevant)
Secretary's Report
I start my monthly report with a moan. Once again it was reported to me that the main gates were found open when a committee person arrived on site on Sunday 25thOctober. There was no "Club Open" sign displayed so the gates should have been locked. We can no longer blame the builders attending a job in Duncalf Drive, they have finished this part of the job. Please take every opportunity to tell our plothlders to lock the gates behind them when they enter or leave the site and have found them open without the "leave open" sign displayed.
Hedges and Edges have completed the delivery of leaves to the site this season. There are plenty of red bags about the site which are available for all plotholders to move onto their plots for use in a years time when they will have turned into a lovely friable mulch, as if by magic! These bags will also be used to top up the bunker and the skip when space becomes available.
All plots are taken. We have a long waiting list which gives us some strength for the future. Welcome the new plotholders when you see them. I will report the changes next month. Well, it will give me something to report!
I took advantage of the ability to order anything from the Hirons stock list when we had the compost delivered last month. I ordered the Grow Sure composted farmyard manure. I had a particular job to do at home and I needed a mulch for my roses. I didn’t know what the product was like so only ordered five bags. The regular uplift was applied to the cost from the supplier and this worked out at £3.60 a bag. My initial responce is that this is a very useful product. I don’t know what the longer term value will be but my first reaction is that this is a very good addition to the range. A bag fills my small wheel barrow. 50 litres. I will monitor the benefits if any. If you want anything that Hirons stock they can be ordered with our next delivery.
I have discussed potato varieties with Hirons and tentatively ordered our stock for next season . They will be a little more expensive this year but nothing like the costs from the garden centre’s
The drive at the bottom of the site is in a very messy state. I know that Paul is maintaining his battle with the moss but there is a build up of mud on the path.
Eugene has swept up the leaves from this area and removed them but if each of the plotholders were to clear the area adjoining their plot it may save an accident.
Mike Lune has swept up the leaves from around the main gates. We thank him for doing this.
Treasurer's Report
Hi all.
Main Account: £5297.19
Maintenance Account: £1881.68
Shed Sales October: £93.07 Year to date: £1792.47
Rent collection went well with a couple of exceptions. 1 plotter has not yet paid and will incur the Council fine for late payment.
A total of £3610.26 was collected and has been sent to BCC via BACS payment.
I put details of this year’s payment on the website. This was well received by a number of plotters who said they found it interesting.
I was pleased that 58 people payed via the internet. This was very effective and considerably reduced the necessity for personal contact.
That’s about it for this month.
Show Secretary's Report
Hello All
I've now viewed a considerable number of allotment websites for suggestions of what could be added to our annual show schedule and forwarded details to Jason and Allan. Between us we will prepare a list of classes that could be withdrawn and new ones that may be added. Once done I will forward this to all committee members for your comments etc. and with the feedback you provide will prepare provisional new schedules for what I hope will be 2 shows, vegetable/fruit and flowers/domestic. When done I'll ask Mike if he will post these on our website to enable the plot holders to give their input.
I hope that by the end of January 2021 there'll be draft schedules available to enable potential show entrants to plan their growing season.