Plotholder's Newsletter
March 30th 2020

Site use and coronavirus
Please continue to use the site (well, when the weather warms up a bit) but please remember to maintain the minimum separation of 2 metres from fellow plotters. The more the better.

In addition, please bear in mind that the pesky virus can remain on metal surfaces for many hours (why?) so please take this into account when touching gates and locks. that someone else might have touched.

Missing fence panels
I'm pleased to report that the missing fence panels have been located.

There are often odd bits of wood etc lying around but, sometimes, they have been put there with a specific job in mind.
Could I ask that if you see something around the site that you might want to use, please clear it with Allan first.

Storeshed procedure

In order to comply with the social distancing rule no plotter will be allowed into the storeshed.
If you wish to make a purchase please go to the storeshed as normal. When you are there the storekeeper will take your order and place it on a bench outside the shed. You will then put your money on the bench and take away your change, purchases and receipt. Please observe the 2 metre rule at all times.

Paul has turned the water back on after repairing the damaged pipes near the gate. Please use water stored in your water butts first.

Can you improve water collection? Please have a look and see if there are any other ways you could collect and store water. Does your shed have guttering and a water container?