Plotholder's Newsletter
May 29th 2020

Use of hose-pipes

During the present drought/heatwave it is essential to keep your seedlings and green-house plants watered. However, can I remind everyone that the use of hose-pipes to water plants is not allowed at any time.
Hose-pipes may only be used to fill water buts or other containers. Sprinklers are completely banned.

I know it's a pain, but those are the rules.

Annual Competitions

John Mills has produced this poster about the annual competitions.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 7.18.16 pm


A number of hosta plants have been donated for association funds. There are a few left - they are priced at £4. If you are interested please contact Allan.

Electronic payments

As most of you are aware items from the storeshed can be paid for using electonic banking. To date more than £500 has been paid for in this way. This procedure is quite easy and convenient. However could I please ask that you ensure that the money is paid into the correct account.
We have 2 accounts. One is the Council's money and is the one we pay our rent into. The other is our money and is where storeshed expenditure should go. If you pay into the wrong account I have to shuffle it around from one account to the other. This is not a major issue just a bit of a pain in the you know what.
The correct details for the storeshed payments account are: 30-98-37 account number 24809460. The account is called Hill Plotholders Association.

Cold frame

Martyn Brown tells me he has a cold frame going spare. If you are interested contact me or him.