Social Club Committee 2021/2022

President : Alan J MoultĀ (LM)
Vice-Presidents : Paul J Edwards, Jean A Exall (LM), Richard T Gibson and Arline Holt   (5)

Chairman : Desmond H Dobson
Vice-Chair : Karen E Edwards
Secretary : Martin J Dobson
Treasurer : Frank Croft
Asst Secretary : Graham C Holt
Asst Treasurer : Margaret C Wilson
Entertainment Secretary : Jean A Exall
Plotholders' Secretary : Allan Redfern

Committee : Lee Baxter and Neil J Whitehead

The following Officers have also been separately, and conjointly, elected as members of The Committee at previous AGMs :

Desmond H Dobson, Martin J Dobson, Karen A Edwards, Paul J Edwards, Richard T Gibson, Arline Holt and Graham C Holt