Social Club Newsletter
January 22nd 2020



You may have noticed that we have a defibrillator attached to the wall near the main entrance. If you need to use it phone 999 and they will give you the code to open the box.

If, like me, you've no real idea what a defibrillator does, or how to use one, there are many videos on Youtube explaining the basics. Try this one.
It runs for 5 minutes or so.

On 25th January Peaky Blinders return to the club. Tickets £6.
On February 1st Stevie Bee will be back to entertain us.
Full details of all the events/entertainment can be found on the Diary page.

For any enquiries about the Social Club please contact Denise at 0121 308 0108 or  [email protected]

Happy New Year.