Plotholder's Newsletter

January 18th 2018

Nice to see a few people around preparing for the new season. Brrr. I suppose I'll have to get back on soon. No, maybe I'll wait for a nice sunny day.
The seed potatoes should be in in the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know when they arrive.

Bird boxes
I am sure you have spotted that there are several bird boxes around the site. However they are getting a bit old and tired (just like me). In fact one of them recently fell down.
We would like to replace them/add more. Do you have bird boxes going spare? Could you make some or do you know anyone who could? Any help would be appreciated.

This year's planner and competition calendar are now available. As usual, there is some variability in the BDAC competition judging dates so I've just given a best guess.

The annual competitions are kicking off soon. The seed potatoes should be in in the next couple of weeks or so. This will be followed by the sunflower seeds, show plant etc.
As you will recall, the pumpkin competition has been stopped due to lack of interest. It is important to note that the remaining competitions will only continue if a reasonable number of people take part.

This year we are introducing a largest sunflower head competition which will run alongside the tallest sunflower contest.
The entry fee for the potato and sunflower competitions remains at 50p. There is no prize money. The entry fee goes towards the cost of the potatoes/seeds.

John Mills has drawn up a competition information sheet which I have attached to the competitions page.