Plotholder's Newsletter
November 7th 2019

I'm pleased to report that all rents for the coming year have now been collected.All the plots are let and we have a waiting list of potential plotters. This is very encouraging and indicates a secure future for our site.

As usual there have been a large number of relocations, people leaving and newcomers. If you see any new faces on the site please go and say hello.

Burning of "diseased crops" is allowed during November. Please ensure you are considerate towards your neighbours i.e. make sure the wind does not blow smoke in their direction. Bonfires must never be left unattended.

Breakfast morning
Jean is doing a breakfast morning on 9th November. £5/head.

Pumpkin Competition
The weighing of the entries in the unofficial pumpkin competition will also take place on 9th November at 12noon.