2020 Planner & Competition Calendar

JANUARY20thCommittee meeting - all committee meetings commence at 7.45pm
FEBRUARY1stSeed and competition potatoes available - mark seed drills clearly with white tubing (supplied)
17thCommittee Meeting
MARCHBonfires are permitted this month for burning diseased materials
Competition Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds for sale 50p/competition entry (contact Allan Redfern plot 42). You may also enter sunflowers or pumpkins that you have grown from your own seed in the competitions, provided you have paid your entrance fee (50p for each competition). Entries must be in by June 30th.
16thCommittee Meeting
22ndShed open for sales 10.30am -12.30pm, Sunday, until 14th June
APRIL1stWater back on
5thCompetition plants available
5thPlot Monitoring. Committee to view plot preparation 10.30am
20thCommittee Meeting CANCELLED
MAY3rdPlot Monitoring. Committee to view plot preparation 10.30am
18thCommittee Meeting CANCELLED
24th/25thPlant sale
14thHedge trimming CANCELLED
14thSunday shed rota finishes. After this date please contact a committee member.
15thCommittee meeting CANCELLED
tbaCliff Jones Trophy. Committee to decide Best Plot and submit results to BDAC CANCELLED
tbaFlo Pickering Trophy. Committee to decide Best Newcomer's Plot and submit results to BDAC CANCELLED
tbaAll BDAC entries due on this date CANCELLED
21stSite tidy-up working party 10.30am. All plotters are invited to assist the committee. CANCELLED
30thCompetition list for Potato, Sunflower & Pumpkin competitions is now closed for further entries. Please make sure your name is on the entry sheet.
JULY5thScarecrows & Hanging Baskets to be on show
16thBest small plots, mini-plots and Best Newcomer plots to be judged
19thShow schedules available CANCELLED
18th/19thHedge trimming
19thCommittee meeting 12noon
25th/26thHedge trimming 10.30am
16thScarecrows to be judged
tbaBDAC judging Best Plot etc CANCELLED
AUGUST15thAnnual Show entries (12.00am-2.00pm). No further entries after this time.CANCELLED
16thAnnual Show CANCELLED
13thJudging of "Best Hanging Basket", "Best Floral Display Area"
16thCommittee meeting 11am
tbaBDAC Annual Show - Cannon Hill Park. CANCELLED
23rdHanging basket competition entries may be removed for personal use
30thTallest sunflower competition measuring - 10.30am
SEPTEMBER6thPotato Dig and Biggest Sunflower Head 10.30am
15thCommittee meeting CANCELLED
11thPlot Rental collection CANCELLED
18thPlot Rental collection CANCELLED
20thCommittee meeting CANCELLED
20thPlot Luck Supper & Award Presentation Night. CANCELLED
25thPlot Rental collection CANCELLED
25thPumpkin weighing
NOVEMBERBonfires are permitted this month for burning diseased materials
1stWater turned off
17thCommittee meeting CANCELLED