Annual Competitions


These are the first of our annual competitions to commence. A specific variety of potato for the competition is selected each year and along with other varieties for general cultivation are available from late February. To enter please pay a fee of 50p, collect 3 seed potatoes and marker from the store shed, make sure you have entered your name on the entry schedule, plant them and await the results. Although most competitors will plant in the ground you can of course grow them in barrels or sacks.
Usually the potato entries are lifted and weighed by committee members in early September and approximately a week before you will receive an email asking you to confirm you haven’t lifted them by mistake, still wish to take part and that they are clearly marked. If you do not reply it is assumed you do not wish to continue. Pumpkins will be weighed on the last Sunday before October 31st. They will be weighed on site so there is no need to bring them to the clubhouse.
Sunflower & pumpkin seeds are available from mid March. The variety selected each year is based on the suppliers promise of “ superb growth etc”, however you can use seed of your choice ( you still have to pay your entry fee). To enter please pay a fee of 50p per entry, collect 3 seeds from the store shed, make sure you have entered your name on the entry schedule, plant them and ensure you have plenty of support materials available for when you need them.
Because growing pumpkins requires such a large area it’s generally only suitable for those with a standard (large) plot and with more plots being downsized to small or mini it was decided to treat this as a “fun “ competition with no winning trophy being awarded. Following this revision it was decided to include a new category for the biggest sunflower head. Entering the tallest sunflower competition doesn’t automatically include entry to this, so it’s another 50p and another entry on the schedule.
1st of July is the latest date that you can enter any sunflower competition. Heights will be measured during the late August/early September and head diameters the following weekend. On this occasion entrants will be required to cut off and bring the head(s) to the store shed for measuring on Sunday between 11.00am & 12.00.

Our website will confirm when seed potatoes, sunflower & pumpkin seeds are available. If you are unable to attend the store shed on these dates please contact any committee member who will be able to help. Look out for the red flag on their plot.
Occasionally potatoes fail to sprout sunflower and pumpkin seeds don’t germinate, should this happen free replacements are available whilst stocks last. Please speak to a committee member.
How you cultivate your entry is a personal choice, rumours of night time ceremonies, chanting and the casting of weird spells ( usually on a competitor) cannot be commented on.

Winners trophies and certificates will be presented to those attending our Awards and Plot Luck Supper Night in late October.

Hanging Baskets, Floral Display/Best front of Plot and Scarecrow Competitions.
These are the second group of competitions held during the year, there is no entry fee and the bonus is that two of them have financial rewards for the eventual winners.
The entry form for these competitions will be in the store shed from early May.
These competitions are intended to improve the overall appearance of our site making it a welcoming experience for all our visitors . They are vitally important when we are judged for the Thorpe Memorial Trophy which is awarded for the Best Site In Birmingham an award we have either won or been placed second many times over the past few years, something we wish to continue for many years to come.
Trophies are awarded for the best front of plot/floral display and scarecrow and these together with a commemorative certificate are presented to the winners at the Awards Night/Plotluck Supper Night.

Hanging Baskets
There are brackets fixed to a number of posts adjoining the roadway from opposite the lower entrance gate up to the top manure/leaf storage bins and additional ones on the Social Club fascia facing the car park. The posts are positioned as shown below. If it's on a plot please confirm with the plotholder that it is okay for you to use a specific location.

Basket No.LocationBasket No.Location
1&2Plot 393&4Plot 36
5&6Plot 347&8Social Club
14&15Plot 2716&17Plot 24
18&19Plot 18

All brackets have a location number which needs to included on the entry form. There is no recommended size for the basket diameter but they must be in position by (see the planner for date), and remain in place until one week after our Annual Show. Obviously it is the entrant's responsibility to maintain and water their basket. Judging will take place on the weekend of our Annual show and the winner will be awarded a prize of £20.00.

Floral Display/ Best front of Plot
For many years a trophy has been awarded for what in the Judges opinion is the best front of plot display. During the last few years there has been a significant increase in the number of small and mini plots and, as not all of them can adjoin the roadway, the committee has decided to widen the scope of this award to include any plotholder who wishes to enter a floral display into the competition. The minimum size must equate to the width of the plot by 1.2metres (4 Ft ) deep and be clearly marked. Flower content must be varied with the choice left to the entrant. If your plot does not front the roadway then you must add your name and plot number to the entry form, if it does, don’t bother as it will be identified when judging takes place, again on the weekend of our Annual Show. The winner will receive a prize of £20.00


Introduced as a fun item a few years ago it has proved popular. It’s an excuse to clear a little space in your wardrobes whilst at the same time providing your fellow plotholders with a few laughs. In some cases the laughs might be on them as the quality of the clothes on the scarecrows appears significantly better than those worn on the plot. They must be on display by (see the planner for date) and remain in place until at least a week after our Annual Show. No prize money on this occasion but probably a box of chocolates.