Victor Ludorum

The Ken Bowskill Victor Ludorum Trophy is awarded to the plotholder gaining the highest aggregate of points in all the competitions.

Points are awarded as shown in the table below.

victor ludorum trophy


Points Awarded
Best Standard Plot/Small Plot/Mini Plot10
Runner up6
Show Trophy Winner3
Show Class/Competition Winner3
Show Class/Competition 2nd2
Show Class /Competition 3rd1
Best Front 10
Runner Up 6
Best Newcomer 10
Most Improved Plot 10

Victor Ludorum Trophy Winners
1996Barry Jasper112
1997Wal Glovern/a
1998Syd Peacen/a
1999Syd Peacen/a
2000Syd Peacen/a
2001Jason Hodges48
2002Fran Bowdler51
2003Fran Bowdler75
2004Jason Hodges73
2005Jason Hodges77
2006Jason Hodges59
2007Jason Hodges43
2008Jason Hodges52
2009Jason Hodges60
2010Jason Hodges69
2011Jason Hodges128
2012Jason Hodges98
2013Jason Hodges104
2014Jason Hodges90
2015Jason Hodges102
2016Jason Hodges120